Behind the scenes: Competenz New Zealand

Every project we work on is different, yet they all have one thing in common: that magical moment when we walk into a finished space and see how our vision has been transformed into reality.

Then the final photos get taken and our team moves on to the next project leaving behind months of hard work, stacks of construction drawings and gigabytes of beautiful graphic and 3D pieces. None of it gets shown, yet these drawings and 3D visuals make the forementioned magic possible in the first place. So we had an idea: why not use our blog to uncover the back stage of our creative process and show the work we do before construction of the projects begins?

Here is a great one to start with – our recent fitout for Competenz, New Zealand’s leading training organisation. To communicate our vision to a client we modelled up multiple 3D spaces. Take a look below.

Reception 0 Reception Reception

Work & Utility Areas
Work areas A Work Areas B

Meeting and Breakout Spaces
Meeting spaces AMeeting spaces BMeeting spaces C


But the most fun is to compare the “before” and “after”, right?! Final photos are here so take a look at how our ideas evolved and came to life.