Behind the scenes: Partridge Consultancy

Having our studio at the iconic Victoria Park Market has lots of perks: from stunning historic architecture of the buildings around to cozy cafes and buzzing restaurants. But what we like the most is getting lots of opportunities to design spaces for our new neighbours and get to play with the stunning architecture of the Markets.

Here is our interior design concept for Partridge Consultancy, who are opening their New Zealand office just few doors down from our studio. The client wanted their new space to have a distinct residential feel and playful elements, yet the work areas were to be easily identified. To achieve this we have played off the existing building structure and used … You know what, our beautiful renders say it all better than any caption!

So take this virtual tour and see for yourself what and how we have achieved in this space.

First we “spaceplanned”
Spaceplanned overview

To avoid having too many walls we raised floors to define areas

Then we admired the existing structure of brick and steel
Scene-4a-1 Scene-3

To warm things up we turned to wood and colourScene-1 Scene-10

And then the space came to life with client’s personal touch.
Scene-5 Scene library