Monthly Blog Article – August 2017

The Benefits of Promoting Movement in the Office

Written by: Will Dodson (Yellow 6 Design)

There are many different ways to promote movement in an office setting, with organized staff recreational activities and so on. However when designing the layout and functionality of a new office space then promoting movement should be considered as a crucial element. Including such things, as multi-purpose fitness/recreational facilities, and an open floor layout to encourage people to move around to collaborate, socialize or focus on a task.

Another method to promote movement is by using the furniture available, in many cases adjustable furniture is used to allow people to either sit or stand and change postures frequently at their working space. This greatly reduces fatigue and stress on muscles and joints, burn calories and promote circulation throughout the body, which in turn helps enhance cognitive function.

We can also focus on the idea of movement in the office not being solely for promoting healthy living/habits in the office, but also for generating conversations with different people in different departments at work. We should consider who will encounter who in the office and by changing or thinking about where we place break out rooms or pathways around the office, we are likely to help generate conversations between colleagues that wouldn’t usually interact with each other, helping ideas cross-pollinate throughout the office.