Monthly Blog Article – September 2017

Ideas for Maximizing Your Workplaces Potential

Written by: Sherilyn de Klerk (Yellow 6 Design)

With technology on the rise more and more people are able to work from home, however, offices are still being used to bring people together. Designing an office particularly well, can bring out a business’s hidden potential and help it thrive in a competitive industry.

For many, we spend more waking hours at work than anywhere else, so it’s important that office space is tailored to the users to encourage an enjoyable experience and ultimately, efficiency.

Our physical environment has a huge impact on us because of how it influences our engagement, performance and wellbeing, it directly influences our mood, job satisfaction and productivity.

A workplace should reflect the way we want our work to turn out.

Something as simple as colour can increase the work ethnic in a business. Colours influence emotion and understanding the basics of colour psychology can help the spacial design to maximise business potential.

Use of materials, especially in terms of furniture is important in conveying the type of environment the business wants and how it affects the employees. Soft, comfortable seating can make employees feel relaxed and allow productivity for increased periods of time. Whereas hard, uncomfortable seating will cut productivity short.

Allowing flexibility for where employees can work or sit has its advantages, creating different environments for different tasks; quiet more personal spaces and larger more collaborative spaces. The materials and furniture which fills such spaces need to be appropriate and encourage the type of tasks taking place in the area.

Allowing flexibility to adjust conditions as necessary, i.e. ventilation, sunlight, temperature and noise control also make a space more comfortable.

Last but not least is space planning and ergonomics. Everything needs to be considered; where areas are located in relation to each other should reflect the task flow of the user;  how easy is the space to use and does it support the task taking place there, need to be considered.

If an office can acknowledge and cater for these different needs/ tasks, employees have a greater opportunity to work at their best. Increased comfort and accessibility within an office allows for more productive work efforts and ultimately, maximised business potential for your company.

Tribe Head Office, Auckland (Yellow 6 Design)