Operation Neptune RNZN



The Royal New Zealand Navy held an array of events to celebrate its 75th Anniversary. One of these events was 5 day celebration hosted at The Cloud function and convention centre at the Auckland viaduct. We were proud to submit the following initial concept proposal based on the brief outlined to us in the Operation Neptune documentation and site briefing.

We wanted to not only celebrate the achievements of the RNZN over the last 75 years but also the sailors and alliance members that have been a part of this history.  Our concept is based on a historical timeline in an organic structure that harkens to the Koru. This form not only assists in the journey through the years, the building and the time, but also its organic shape reflects the ever-changing events, history and path the RNZN has travelled through.

Visitors will be taken on a journey through the length of the venue and learn, celebrate & commemorate the history of the Royal New Zealand Navy through series of historical events, memorabilia and transition to the modern Navy with new technologies, missions & possible career opportunities. At the end of the venue the international sailors are welcomed and will have a private function in the café.

We have based our concept around these key elements, while ensuring we have met and facilitated as best as possible the functional requirements within the extreme scale of the space.